Waipio Bay 2BR/Studio Cottage

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  1. B. Glenn

    13. Mar, 2012

    As we drove down the road, the ooohs and wows began.

    It was more than we expected in every way; more remote, more peaceful and more fun than we could have imagined.

    he girls ran through the jungle in the buff on lizard explorations and were in a combination of awe and curiosity about the cool spiders & bugs. The adults loved the serene peacefulness of the beautiful jungle and lovely home.

    As we ventured out to other parts of the island we all agreed unanimously that we loved our little new found piece of heaven best of all!

    Thank you so much for the memories!

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  2. Anne O'neil

    19. Mar, 2012

    I hate to leave this house. I love listening to the birds in the morning and the sudden storms at night. The Avocados off the tree outside are like butter. Napping in the porch while reading was perfect. And nothing beats showering outside while the rain falls too! The falls are one of the best laces I’ve ever been and I love all the helpful people at the variety store. This was a great place to retreat and write! I hated to leave!

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  3. Joseph Hale

    05. Apr, 2012

    We stayed here for 2 1/2 weeks and loved it! Our four boys (4 yrs. and under) were amazed by all the wildlife so different from our Alaska home. Just at the cottage we found a lizard, a huge snail, a mammoth slug, nightly bull frogs and numerous geckos!

    The remoteness of the house was a sweet retreat from the festive tourism. It was so remote in fact, that we half thought we may have been swindled our first night as we drove down the overgrown “boondocks” road to what we hoped was what we had seen advertised online as a beautiful getaway. :)

    Whew! Just as advertised, waiting amid the jungle foliage.

    Thank you for such a great adventure for our vacation to Maui.

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  4. The Adams Family

    12. Apr, 2012

    We had such a fun experience staying in your cottage and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor shower! A lovely, clean cottage with great furnishings.

    Thanks for a memorable time!

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  5. Sandra & Kimberly

    27. Apr, 2012

    My daughter and I found the peace and quiet to be healing – the little house & ambiance so beautiful. Colours of everything from sheets, towels, dishes to blend so beautifully with the landscape.

    We plan to return when we can stay for a much longer time. I will bring my brushes and watercolor paints and relax in this heavenly space.

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  6. barbara & Peter

    06. Dec, 2012

    Outdoor shower was worth price of admission alone. I will probably never forget the experience of watching birds and butterflies flit past as I washed my hair….sublime. Screen porch worked great for the boys. We started our Maui week in a Keihi condo and this cottage was the perfect antidote. No parking lot noises, no car alarms, no highway, no upstairs neighbors flushing toilet at 3am…just nothing. Quiet, peace and crickets (I think) and windows open all night. We slept like babies. Was great to already be on Hana Road, we could take our time, take the side roads, relax, change plans, etc. Bring some games and movies for evenings in, also plan on mosquitoes. Outdoor fire pit might be nice addition. Loved it, thank you.

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