Host Culture

Understanding that the Hawaiian people and their culture are our Hosts is a sign of respect that deepens every experience you have on our island.

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The Hawaiian culture is truly our host. And what a welcoming and open host they have been for well over two hundreds years. We believe that the best and most valuable visitor experiences are built upon respect and understanding of our Host Culture.

We do not claim to be experts or even a resource for Hawaiian history or culture. But we do believe that it’s important for visitors to know that much of their understanding of Hawaiian culture and the history of Hawaii is likely as was told by the people who largely misunderstood and even actively destroyed it. Many visitors come unaware that Hawaii has sensitivities that are quite alive in the people who still have strong ties to their ancestors way of life.

Much authentic culture is available for those who choose to see and experience it. takes every opportunity we see to tie our information in to the Host Culture, to bring you in to connection with the people who are truly among the most gracious and welcoming hosts this world has ever known.

Understanding that the Hawaiian people and their culture are our Hosts is something simple, yet deeply meaningful, that you can do. I promise you that point of view will deepen every experience you have on our remarkable island.

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