Die Hard Sportfishing


Pacific Blue Marlin

Screen capture of 315# Pacific Blue Marlin (see video below)

Rating: ★★★★★

In a nutshell: Hard-core sportfishing.
Minuses: 3:00
Sound-bite: “Hey mister, is that a Florida Marlins logo on that-there baseball bat?”

Alright, first of all this isn’t a trip for the kids. These are die-hard fishermen willing to take along the serious angler who isn’t interested in going halfway.

Captain Fuzzy Alboro is a well known, born and raised Maui fisherman and many come here seeking him out by name. Fuzzy knows where to go and when to go. (Speaking of when, you’ll be leaving before anyone else – at 3:00 AM.)

Fuzzy’s pride and joy is a 32′ Boston Whaler Express Fisherman with twin 370 Yanmar engines. Fully equipped with a fish finder, GPS chart plotter, marine head, protection from the elements, a microwave and fridge. The Die Hard is also fully outfitted with quality gear, including 80 Shimanos with bent butt rods, 50 Shimanos with stand up rods and 30 Shimanos and Penns stand up rods and an arsenal of lures. Capt. Fuzzy prefers to fish with live baits, and the Die Hard is typically stocked with plenty of ’em.

You may end up on the back side of Lanai – or even all the way over in Hana. These are local guys who know a thing or two about where they’re going. If you’re gonna cry about spending an hour or more getting to the right spot that day, well, you may be frustrated with Fuzzy, because he isn’t interested in “the customer is always right” if it means doing it wrong. On the other hand, if you’re a die hard sport fisherman, you paid to go with these guys because they knows exactly what they’re doing.

Like I said, you’ve gotta be serious to go on this trip. (Is “Die Hard” starting to make sense to you?)

Oh, and for the squeamish: the video has some batting practice on the head of the Marlin (to immobilize it prior to taking it onboard.)

Key Info:
Location: Lahaina Harbor
Phone: 808-878-2362
Rating source: Maui Guidebook
Prices: Share: $185 – $200 ; Private: $1,000 – $1,100

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  1. Tom Stroeder says:

    Let me tell you about the “Die Hard” fishing boat in Lahaina. We got on the boat at 2:15 am and departed one minute later. My son and I didn’t really feel we were even wanted on the boat because no one really said too much. We got somewhat of a low down on safety etc. but to not puke in the boat. Little did Andy know, but this would bite him in the but later. OK, enough of the baby talk. Once we got to where we were going, Capt. Fuzzy and the crew( Andy and Jemsley) were top notch. Everybody else can bad talk the Die Hard as much as they want, but we were 100% satisfied with the entire trip. If you want someone to kiss your ass all day then go to your mothers house. This Andy and Jemsley were top notch and Fuzzy was a good shit to. Highly recommend fishing with this boat and crew. I think he is the only native Hawaiian doing this kind of thing. If you want to go fishing with someone from California, go to California. Just wanted to say this was a good day!!!

  2. Barry says:

    I’d like to know if Fuzzy and the Gang filet your catch or how do they decide who gets the fish that’s caught? Last year when I was there in August they had caught 2 large Mahi-Mahi’s in the morning and the mate took them walked across the Banyon Tree park area to deliver them (whole)to the restaurant across the street. (Upstairs) I’d only be interested in going fishing with Fuzzy if I could keep all, or a portion, of my catch………….Could anyone give me a heads-up on protocol for the Die Hard crew with respect to keeping the fish? Thanks

    • In Maui all fishing catches belong to the boat – this is not just Die Hard, this is true of virtually every charter. If it is important to you to keep a portion of the catch, just ask them before you book if they will do that – many will happily carve out a fillet for you to grill back at the condo!

      • Barry says:

        Thanks for your input……I don’t get it!!!!!Everyone on board pays the max and they cant’ keep and filet the fish they catch? Why in the world would you want to go out at 3 AM to possibly catch a game fish if you couldn’t filet it and eat any of it? I’ve experienced numerous situations down by Hana where the locals have caught Ahi for the day and they filet it and sell it along side the road to the Up Country…..It’s like $20 for a huge bag of fresh filleted Ahi………..I won’t be hiring “The FUZZMASTER” if I’m not allowed to keep a huge portion of the fish I’ve caught. WHAT A GIANT DOUBLE DIP BY THE BOAT OWNERS AND CREW FISHING COMMERCIALLY OFF MAUI AND KONA!!!!!!That really SUCKS!!!!!

      • Remember, this is an isolated resort island where the vast majority of fishing clients are on vacation staying in a hotel and have no way store or cook fish. So, as an activity, over the years it has all been is all figured into the bottom line that way – and if these operators could not sell the catch you could be sure that the fee to fish would have to be higher. I can understand how you might come to the conclusion, but the idea that they are somehow double-dipping is a misunderstanding of how expensive it is for them to operate here versus other places where the fish are not considered a significant portion of the boat’s income.

        Best bet for anyone who wants some of the fish is to open up a line of discussion with the captain before going out – it will set clear expectations for all, and most captains will be happy to accommodate your needs.

      • It is NOT true that old story and only true with a few boats, that tale about the fish belonging to the boat in Hawaii. Most charter boats in Maui will cut any fish you catch for you to cook and enjoy. On some islands like Oahu, the fish do belong to the boat. Bottom line is you need to ask before you book.

  3. Well, Being a life long fisherman and equipment manufacture myself. I have fished in many oceans. These guys(Die Hard) are a tourist fishing operation. They put too many people on the small boat. 6 passengers + 2 crew members. Include a fighting chair and a fish bag (in side) and it’s uncomfortable and dangerous. We were never informed of the life vest location. The gear was too big and the fishing process was completely wrong for what we were fishing for (Dorado). But…… The most disturbing thing was sliding in on another boats boil to drag their fish off the bite. Get it right Fuzzy. Just don’t blow smoke!

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