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AS OF MARCH 8, 2021

Booking Fee/Deposit Credits
The 20% booking fee/deposit you paid when you booked your rental has automatically been converted into a same-as-cash credit in our records.

NEW: You can now apply your credit toward any unit listed below toward your new booking fee/deposit:

Beachfront Bliss 2BR; Condo; South Maui
Kihei Resort 209 2BR; Condo; South Maui
Kula Jewel 3BR; Home; Upcountry
Kula Treat 2BR; Home; Upcountry
Lahaina 1BR House 1BR; Home; West Maui
Lahaina 3BR House 3BR; Home; West Maui
Maui Banyan A201 2BR; Condo; South Maui
Maui Banyan B202 2BR; Condo; South Maui
Maui Banyan T-110 2BR; Condo; South Maui
Maui Kaanapali Villas 156 1BR; Condo; West Maui
Maui Kaanapali Villas 162 1BR; Condo; West Maui
Menehune Shores 320 2BR; Condo; South Maui
Village By The Sea 334 2BR; Condo; South Maui
Wailea Ekolu 507 1BR; Condo; South Maui
Wailuku 1BR House 1BR; Home; Central Maui
Wailuku Cottage Front Suite 1BR; Home; Central Maui
The Wayfinder 1BR; Home; Central Maui

IMPORTANT: Book Your Lodging With Us First
It is important for you to make sure dates are still available prior to setting up your vacation.

New: Apply Deposit/Booking Fee To Other Units

To create additional availability to help you book on your schedule we have made additional units available (above) for you to book. All credits are dollar for dollar, same as cash, and can be applied up to the entire deposit/booking fee for that unit. The deposit/booking fee you already paid was 20% of your booking. All deposit/booking fees on our platform.

New COVID Credit Exception Policy Improvements

We *really* want you to use your credit! So we want to take a moment to share the number one thing that has gone wrong for guests so far that you can avoid: Guests have booked vacation days with work and/or their flights before checking with us for availability. We have no blackout dates, but please understand that each unit has availability for only one party to occupy at a time, so you must check for availability prior to planning other aspects of your vacation. Plan as far in advance as is possible, especially if you have restrictive dates of travel. Please understand that we are doing our best to increase options for you, however under no circumstances can we make exceptions to the policy posted on this page due to your inability to find availability that suits your needs.

80% Owner Payment
This paragraph applies only to those who have paid the final owner payment (this is typically paid between 30 and 90 days prior to arrival, depending on owner.) If you made the owner payment, that payment was made to the owner (not and any credit offered is made by the owner on the owner’s terms. That said, our owners value our direction and have all agreed to mirror our credit terms with the exception that owner credits must be used with the owner holding the credit. Some owners have more than one unit and those owners have all agreed to allow credits at any of their units. We have worked diligently on your behalf with owners to bring all to mirroring our policies for guest credits and will continue to work hand-in-hand to make this as seamless as possible for all. If you have any questions pertaining to an owner credit, please contact us.

Summary Of Exception Policy
Your original booking contract states that canceling your booking is non refundable, even in circumstances such as natural disasters*.

We have been doing everything we possibly can to find a way to make these generous exceptions from a perspective of us all being in this together. The overwhelming majority of our wonderful guests have been extremely understanding that our small family business which has taken us a decade of hard work to build has also been severely impacted. We thank you sincerely for your many expressions of concern and for appreciating our efforts during this difficult time. We have worked very hard to find solutions, we know very well that a missed Maui vacation is a huge disappointment, and none of this was at all what anyone planned or imagined.

*If you booked after COVID was better understood you may have been offered special COVID cancelation terms which apply.

Expiration Dates
Currently credits have no expiration date. At some point we are going to set a date, but at this point we are very far away from thinking about that. We anticipate the date will be set after the emergency has ceased across the country and even at that point it will be set far enough in advance to allow everyone ample time to travel to Maui. Whenever that date is, it will be measured in years, not months.

Thank you for working with us and trusting us. Our sincerest wish is that your future visit to Maui is better than you ever imagined it would be the first time around!

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