Anthony’s Coffee Co.

Anthony's Coffee Co. in Paia

Anthony's Coffee Co. in Paia

Rating: ★★★★½
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In a nutshell: A funky, friendly and delicious mom-and-pop coffee shop with the most convenient Hana picnic lunch on the island.
Minuses: Can become busy.
Sound-bite: “The owner befriended me first time I set foot in the store.”

Location:   90 Hana Hwy., Paia, HI 96779
Phone:   808-579-8340
Menus:   Menu
Hours:   Daily 5:30am – 6pm
Price:   Affordable
Credit Cards:   Yes
Views:   No
Outdoor Seating:   Yes
Entertainment:   No
Booze:   No
Reservations:   No

A small and friendly mom-and-pop with a funky oh-so Paia vibe; Anthony’s is well known to residents and the surf crowd (and now you!)

What most resident’s don’t know is that Anthony’s is the best place to grab a made-to-order picnic lunch to enjoy alongside a waterfall or coastal vista during your Hana trip. The lunch includes a free cooler loan (more convenient is that the fee for being too lazy to return it is only ten bucks and you get a beach cooler for the rest of your trip!)

Hana Picnic Lunch

Anthony's Hana Picnic Lunch promo photo...yeah, it is as good as it looks!

The Road to Hana is best enjoyed getting as an early a start as you can – and since this is vacation you probably won’t be wanting to get up at the crack of dawn – this is why Anthony’s is always in my suggestion list to friends and family visiting, you can roll right out of your hotel room still half asleep and get in the car, knocking out any delays ’till Paia. Anthony’s is right on the Hana Hwy just after the gas station you’ll be sure to fill up at. Then grab breakfast and your wake-up cup of coffee while they make the picnic lunch to your specs. Totally efficient way to get ahead of the crowd, without expending an ounce of extra energy. (You can thank me later for this tip with a bag of their great coffee – I’m not picky, just no decaf please – just leave it with the person at the counter with my name on it 🙂

The Food
Decent places to grab food after Paia are few-and-far-between and Anthony’s serves breakfast and lunch fare, yummy pastries and ice cream. Their eggs Benedict is a favorite, and the scones, muffins and cream cheese brownies are to die for.

Anthony's Aloha Spirit is contagious!

Anthony's Aloha Spirit is contagious!

The Service
Anthony’s is truly a mom-and-pop in every sense of the definition, and anyone with a pulse will feel that in the air. Great service filled with abundant (and genuine) smiles, laughs and Aloha spirit – everyone who works here wants to be here, and you just can’t fake that kind of contagious spirit.

The Coffee
Anthony’s roasts their own beans and boasts several tasty custom blends. Folks who have been seeking a taste of unique Hawaiian coffees will have plenty to choose from with Maui, Molokai, Kauai, and (of course) Kona Coffees. Although the more expensive Kona is the variety everyone knows (and among their most popular sellers), step outside the box here and try the Maui grown coffee – besides it being unique and unlikely that you would have the opportunity to sample this back home, there is also something special about drinking a spectacular locally-grown and roasted coffee.

Anthony’s also has a full espresso bar, and offers an balanced selection of international coffees, custom blends, and quite an insightful selection of gourmet teas.

Anthony's Coffee Co. Gifts

Anthony's Coffee Co. has some unique (and downright hilarious!) gifts.

Other Stuff
Anthony’s also has a unique selection of gifts to bring back home to friends and coworkers – these aren’t your regular generic trinkets – take a minute to see what they’re offering the day you stop in, they’re genuinely a real hoot to peruse.

Of course they also have free wireless Internet (what respectable coffee shop doesn’t!?) Speaking of Internet – the Anthony’s Coffee Co. website offers all their spectacular coffees shipped to the mainland. Right now that might not mean much to you, but file this factoid away to call up a few months after your visit. Order up some of those Maui beans I told you to sample, and when you throw them in the grinder and coffee pot, the aroma will transport you right back to Paia Town.

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  1. Ishidan says:

    FYI as of 2016 Anthony’s is no more. If in Paia, its former location is now Honolulu Coffee Co., and Paia Bay Coffee is across the street, so sip on!

  2. Brett Buchanan says:

    But busy is good! If you walk into a ghost town of a coffee shop the coffee probably stinks. Anthony’s gets busy because the coffee is awesome! And everyone that hangs out there is in a good mood.


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