Scotch Mist Sailing Charters

Truly sailing is something

Scotch Mist

Rating: ★★★★½

Scotch Mist is a meticulously maintained, super-fast Santa Cruz 50 sailing yacht. If you’re looking for a pure sailing trip, you’re in for a treat.

You might think it goes without saying, but they actually do sail their boat – not run on engines (believe it or not, many of the commercial sailboats here will raise the sail for show in between a mostly engine-run tour.) Now, to appreciate what this really means, you’re going to need to actually sail! The first thing you will notice is how quiet and peaceful it is out on the ocean. No engines droning in the background – and this brings you closer to the ocean, and the people you’re sharing this experience with. (It also brings the creatures in the ocean, like whales and dolphins closer.)

Scotch Mist is intimate – their charters are limited to 25 max – and frequently can have half that many. It is also crewed by folks that absolutely love to sail, and are passionate about sharing their loves of sailing and Maui with visitors. You just can’t fake that level of passion when you do this every day.

Key Info:
Location: Slip #2, Lahaina Harbor
Phone: 808-661-0386
Rating source: Maui Guidebook & Google
Price: $50 – $90

  1. This is a highlight of our annual visit to Maui. The crew is super nice and the sail with champagne and chocolates is wonderfully romantic. I’ve been on the boat when it’s crowded and seating consist of “hanging on for dear life”. If you are looking for a fun and unique adventure than this is a real treat.

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