Results-Based Commission · Full Control · Amazing Service

Increase Your Revenue

Higher Return on your Investment – maximize your returns by focusing our expertise on areas that pay dividends.
Full Control of Expenses & Finances – make key financial decisions based on what is best for you, not a management company.

Control Any Aspects of Management You Desire

You’re in full control. All management decisions you would like to make regarding any aspects of your property are yours to make. Delegate the rest to us.

We’ll Handle The Rest!

We serve as your trusted advisors, marketing team, booking agents and so much more. We’re here to expertly take care of everything you don’t want to be involved with.

On Maui, Small Can Be More

We’re locally based, and refreshingly small and old-fashioned where it matters. But don’t let our island-casual attitude fool you, we’re no slouches in execution: we have 3,000 visitors to our website every day and know how to apply systemization, data and solid business practices where they make sense. In fact, we’re proud to be the smallest business (by far) that Expedia has directly partnered with to integrate our in-house data-driven booking systems into theirs.

Our Web Presence

Chances are you’ve seen our website. In fact, a decade plus in business, over three million visitors have used our website to plan their visit to Maui. We don’t have any advertising and are well known for our impeccable editorial integrity. Having your rental written about and associated with adds significant value to your marketing. It is one of many valuable services we offer at absolutely no charge to owners who we choose to work with.

Our Fees

We collect our fees from the guest so our owners pay us nothing directly. Our unique system also has guest payments remitted to you directly, without any adjustments for expenses (such as with a property management company.) We can handle guest payment, tracking, collection, etc. at no charge whatsoever. We also pay for quite a lot of third-party expenses that a property management company would expense to you and adjust out of your disbursements, netting you significantly more in revenue month after month, year after year.

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