The world of vacation rental marketing has been literally turned upside down over the past decade.

Times have changed.
It used to be you needed a management company if you expected things to run professionally and profitably. But, like everything that used to be the purvey of large professional companies, technology has leveled the playing field. Owners with at least a fair amount of common sense and some time on their hands can now manage their own rentals and do fairly well at it.

Investing Effort For Fairly Well Isn’t Good Enough
Owners who work with us believe that investing their time for just OK isn’t good enough. We agree! That’s where we come in. You only invest your time where you feel it is best invested – you decide how little or how much. We will fill in the rest with experienced, highly-effective and competent services.

In fact, Mark started the vacation rental aspect of the business because he had his own rentals to manage himself. He came from both a marketing and a strong IT background, so he used his love of data and programming to both gain understanding and impose a professionally systematic, repeatable quality advantage to booking his own vacation rentals.

As Mark was highly successful with his own units, his friends who had condos who were not booking as successfully started coming to him asking him to help. That’s the foundation of how this business began, and it is still the foundation today: our owners are treated as friends and partners that we serve in any way we possibly can.

Local Friends & Family
Keeping it local, family, and full of Aloha also naturally brings another (often overlooked) competitive advantage. That of genuine honest connection with owners and guests looking for solutions. This is a quality that people immediately feel, and trust. This is also a quality that sells people who must trust us with their hard-earned vacation.

Talk to us just once and you’ll fell it too!

Bridging The Gap Between Self-management & Professional Management
Every owner we work with has a different level of involvement with managing their unit. We make ourselves available to bring to the table virtually any aspect of service that you might need. But we are not a management company. You decide which of the broad strokes you want to paint. Your expert support staff (us!) handles the rest. We have expert understanding in virtually every aspect of this business – you control your rental, and you decide where you want to use us.

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