We're not using one-size-fits-all vacation rental software

Our systems are programmed to the precise needs of our owners and Maui’s very unique market. But we’re not all bots and click-this-click-that – our systems have a bedrock focus on being unseen, keeping everything running with perfection behind the scenes while supporting the human beings (us!) who are out front obsessively involved with our owners and guests.

As an integration partner, Expedia has recognized not only our solid business practices, but our ability to write robust in-house booking systems software that can stand up to direct real-time two-way integration with the biggest websites in the business.

Significant Competitive Advantage
Being chosen by Expedia to fully integrate with their systems in real-time also affords us many significant competitive advantages over using more limited standard vacation industry software. Full custom integration allows us to compete alongside the biggest players, with top rankings and inventory they can offer across the Expedia ecosystem, even where the majority of vacation rental competition can not.

More exposure and higher ranking in search results are not the only advantages. Direct custom integration means that the guest’s booking process is actually passing through our systems in real-time without Expedia in the middle of the payments and processing. This all happens instantaneously and transparently to the guest. Payments also flow directly into your bank account two months before guest arrival, without touching Expedia (or our) hands. Handling payments this way means that payments though these channels are not subject to outside cancelation policies or rules – you control your money and set your policies, we handle the rest.

Expedia’s Reach
Expedia owns a massive portion of the travel sector. In vacation rentals they own VRBO and HomeAway which are the top two players in the online marketing of Maui vacation rentals. Expedia also owns some of the biggest hotel and travel names on the web as well: Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotels.com just to name a few. Our integration affords us visibility across the entirety of Expedia properties – not just their vacation rental sites.

Oh, and in case we sound like a commercial for Expedia
Yeah, we’re proud of our accomplishment – and it’s a big deal! But make no mistake, our systems have been designed to work with all the big guys out there and we are integrated to their maximum ability (and with our creativity and ingenuity, in ways they never thought of!) Bottom line: We market our owners everywhere that guests are looking and develop robust systems to manage the details without room for error.

Last but certainly not least, we pay for it all!
As with our systems development costs, we pay all the marketing fees for ad placement (and for professional photography too.) You never get a bill from us for anything. Ever.

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