Tavares Beach

Also known as Lamalani Beach and "Blue Tile House Beach"

Tavares Beach is a medium sized crescent shaped sandy white beach in the area adjacent to Paia known as Kuau. Easy access and ample parking. Good for swimming, snorkeling, spear fishing, rock jumping, surfing and windsurfing. Off the radar for tourists, it is usually uncrowded during the week. Tavares is a favorite among locals so weekends and holidays are crowded – best to go during the week.

Even though it is located right next to the road, if you were to blink, you’d miss it. 1/2 mile past the Paia traffic light, Tavares Beach is unmarked (besides a generic “Beach Access” sign in the vicinity.) Not listed in most guidebooks, most visitors pass by Tavares unnoticed. The beach is frequently called “Blue Tile House Beach” by newcomers – this name is convenient for those not familiar with the area as there is a landmark beach house right next to the parking lot which sports a stand-out glazed ceramic blue tile roof.

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