Bamboo Forest (Na’ili’ili Haele)

Na'ili'ili Haele Stream & Waterfalls (aka "Bamboo Forest")

This is a great place for everyone from the fit novice to the extreme hiker, and everyone in between – you really can make this as much adventure as you wish. There is a bamboo forest to walk through on your way to the stream bed (and beyond if you wish), and a string of waterfalls and pools to access (the quantity you will see depends on how extreme a hiker you are!) The first few waterfalls are typically within easy reach of most folks.

When you first get here it can be tricky to find the waterfalls. So that you don’t wind up wandering aimlessly though bamboo forest trails that lead to nowhere, the number one key to remember is that the waterfalls are all found along the main stream flow (thank you Captain Obvious!)

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