Ching’s Pond

Perfect for the pathological cliff-diver seeking an impressive photo!

Ching’s pond. What to say about Ching’s pond? Bluntly – while Ching’s is nice, it isn’t spectacular – and unless you live here, you probably don’t have time for the less than spectacular – especially if you’re doing the Road to Hana in a day.

Mysteriously, Maui Revealed has called it “marvelous”, but they devote very few words to describing anything specific – I’m guessing their accompanying photo (which I must admit, begs to be published) is what got the marvelous rating. Well, I think I got some nice photos, too – but even if photos of a stranger jumping into the water are on the “must-do” list for your Road to Hana trip, you’re going to have lots of opportunities just about anywhere you have waterfalls.

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