Honomanu Bay

A picturesque bay, and your first option for ocean goodness on the Road to Hana since Ho'okipa!

This bay is nestled inside a dramatic, verdant valley that first reveals itself from the road between mile markers 12 & 13, and there are a couple of worthy lookouts to pull over and savor the view or snap a photo before you descend into the valley.

This is the first time since Ho’okipa Beach Park that the road passes by an accessible beach. Ignore guidebooks that say there is a road to access the bay around mm13.5 as you descend to the valley floor (that road is no longer accessible.) Once you begin your ascent on the other side of the valley, there is a sharp turn onto a rough access road (mm14.1) that will take you just under a half mile to to a parking area immediately alongside the beach. Currently this access road is navigable by any vehicle, but it goes through periods of disrepair. If you’ve got a compellingly good reason to drive on the beach, there is easy access from the parking area – you will frequently see fishermen and/or local families exercising this option. (Sorry, getting your money’s worth from the Jeep rental really isn’t a good enough reason to drive onto the beach!)

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