Lower Puohokamoa Falls

Extreme hikers can take a treacherous hike to a spectacular views and pool at the base.

Lower Puohokamoa Falls flow can fluctuate dramatically. When the flow is low, there is a wonderful pool at the base of the falls that experienced hikers can access. The trail is treacherous and steep – with a wrong move potentially ending in catastrophic consequences – so if you are not an expert-level hiker in this type of terrain, it is strongly advised not to attempt the hike down to the pool.

Most folks can, however, handle a mini-hike at the start of the trail, which is far less extreme. It will treat you to a view approaching the one in the photograph. For a full view like the photo (or better) you will need to begin descending steeper and steeper terrain and if it is raining, footing will be compromised for all but the well prepared. (If it is raining upstream, the stream is swollen (or even if it isn’t yet) swimming will not be safe.)

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