Ka’anapali Beach

Ka'anapali Beach is a mile-long, spectacularly perfect beach that is home to seven resorts, high-end shopping, various restaurants and activities.

Ka’anapali Beach runs from Black Rock to Canoe Beach, fronted by seven resorts, Whalers Village Mall, and many fine shops & restaurants. The beach itself is perfection. Long, wide and sandy, the water entry and swimming are glorious. Black Rock offers cliff jumping (and cliff-jumper watching.) There are activities galore. There is also a long concrete walk that you can stroll along as you meander between shops, eats, drinks, sunset, and the beach.

If a world-class resort destination with all the trappings is what you’re looking for, it really doesn’t get any better than this. Sitting along every last inch of the entire length of this beach is the epitome of the high-end commercial interpretation of Hawai’i. For those that desire nothing more than a resort experience to recharge from the stresses of work, and life back home, you may very well be content staying within the boundaries of the collective resort area and not ever venturing beyond.

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