Lahaina Town

Eclectic old-time-sea-town-turned-tourism - with a uniquely Maui twist!

The second most visited spot in Maui, Lahaina is compact and crowded. It is also the only full-featured, walkable “down-town” you’ll find on Maui. On the surface, Lahaina will be a place not dissimilar to a popular ocean town closer to home. But under the surface of bars and trinket shops, Lahaina reveals a uniqueness not duplicated anywhere else.

Stores, stores and more stores.

The number-one attraction in Lahaina is definitely “the buzz.” Great restaurants, hoppin’ night-life, swingin’ bars – and shops featuring wares ranging form “made-in-China” trinkets to exquisite local hand crafts; from cheap jewelery to masterpieces of fine art.

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