West Maui’s North Shore

The back side of West Maui starts in Kapalua and ends in Wailuku in Central Maui

Most visitors will travel in and out of West Maui along its West and South shores through Maalaea. This is definitely the commuter route, as the route along West Maui’s northern side is precarious and slow going. For those seeking adventure, this open-vista driving tour is a must-do.

The north shore of West Maui has been called “West Maui’s Road to Hana” – but that really is a generalization best left to those who just don’t get it. (If we’re going for broad generalizations here, the Back Side of Haleakala is the closest you’ll get to this.) If you have an adventuresome spirit, you owe it to yourself to drive both of these roads during your visit. By the same token, if winding narrow roads at the edges of cliffs make you nervous, or if you already did the Road to Hana and can’t figure out what all the fuss was about, you may want to give this journey a second-thought. (For the record, if you must pick one, it is no contest: pick the Road to Hana.)