Some Quick Facts

1. Kahului (OGG) is the only airport virtually any visitor should consider flying into.

2. You definitely want a rental car.

3. Car break-ins are the number one crime in Maui.

4. People really are friendly here.

5. Maui is relatively small and drives are incredibly scenic.

6. 4WD is rarely needed for visitors (even around the backside.)

7. GPS and online maps can be inaccurate.

8. Weather is spectacular everywhere.

9. It is cold at the top of the mountain.

10. Highs average in the 80’s all year. Winter is about five-degrees cooler than summer. West Maui is a couple degrees hotter than South Maui.

11. Humidity averages around 70%

12. Ocean temperature averages in the mid to upper 70’s.

13. The entire section of West Maui from Kahului West is called the West Maui Mountains.

14. The large part of Maui South & East of Kahului is the Haleakala volcano.

15. Haleakala is dormant.

16. Haleakala is 10,000′ high.

17. “South Maui” is actually on the west-facing side of Haleakala mountain.

18. The leeward resort areas are where almost all visitors stay.

19. Bring a full change of clothing and shoes you can ruin.

20. The popular resort areas in South Maui are Wailea & Kihei. The popular resort areas in West Maui are Lahaina, Kaanapali, Napili & Honokowai.

21. Tiny Maui has most of the microclimates found on Earth; in half a day you can drive from rainforest to alpine to desert, and the many micro climates in between.

22. Maui can be very expensive, but can also be done on a surprisingly tight budget.

23. You definitely need sun screen.

24. We don’t have snakes.

25. We don’t have very many other critters to be afraid of, either.

26. Almost nothing is formal here.

27. Hawaiian words are actually easy to read and say.

28. Almost anyone can snorkel.

29. Whales are here in the winter and spring months.

30. Maui is fun with kids

31. Maui is an outdoor and activity place.

32. Tsunamis, flash floods and earthquakes happen.

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