Paia Secret Beach

If you like to get naked on the beach without a ton of company, this is a good place to go.

Rating: ★★★★½

In a nutshell: If you like to get naked on the beach without a ton of company, this is a good place to go. Relatively private and out of the main-flow of people, rarely anyone but folks who live here end up at this beach.
Minuses: Parking; better beaches adjacent.
Sound-bite: “Hey Moonbow, can I borrow your organic hemp loincloth to make a pakalolo run?”

Paia Secret Beach

Paia Secret Beach

Paia’s “Secret Beach” is a clothing optional beach between Paia Bay and Baldwin Cove. On weekends there is usually at least one local family fishing from the tailgate of their truck. There is no vehicle access for visitors, and for residents of Maui, 4WD and a key to the gated private access road are required to drive up.

If you choose to strip down, do so at the Kahului end of the beach (foreground in photo) – The Paia side of the beach (where the old WWII pillbox is) is generally considered to be an area where clothing is expected.

To access this beach, park at Paia Bay and walk through the small wooded area that borders the west end of the bay. You can also access this beach from a red dirt path along the rock sea-wall that interrupts the sand beach between here and Baldwin Cove.

Key Info:
Mile Marker: #6.2 (Hwy 36 aka Hana Hwy)
GPS Coordinates: 20.915406,-156.388686
Facilities: No facilities/No lifeguards
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  1. Stopped by Secret Beach today while on a trip to Paia and Mamas Fish. It was windy so not too many people were there. At any rate, I exercised my option to go skinny dipping; a few folks walked by but no one seemed to mind or even notice. I plan on going back earlier in the day in the next few days so I have more time to enjoy this beautiful little beach.

  2. Michael says:

    In the late 1970’s I would setup a small tent there on the beach after dark and break it down at first light maybe stay for a few days when I was passing through to Hana area .
    Got bit by a centipede one night there, that’s something you won’t forget 😜

  3. Visited several times over the past week. Pretty evenly mixed crowd, possibly more women than men. Mostly all nude. Quite a few clothed people on walks, both along the water and the back of the beach. 5th nude beach I’ve been to and definitely the most relaxing/quiet.

  4. Scott Schelske says:

    Just stumble across this beach today while walking East from Baldwin. What a wonderful surprise for a 65 year old nudist for the last 40+ years. I stripped off my suit and walked on through then did the same upon my return. (NEVER wear a swim suit through a nude beach is my motto).

  5. 1/2016 Had a great time, very few people, maybe 18 to 20 ratio was 80/20 80% topless, only 3 fully nude, NO FACILITIES! Bring what you need. Unfortunately some young kids left some trash when they left. We picked it up, but would be nice if everyone was mindful of our earth and what little freedoms we still have left.

  6. Great first time at a nude beach. We went in a Saturday and people started rolling in about noon. Young hippie crowd and a comfortable setting. Was told to watch out for crack heads but only saw one that passed by with no trouble.

  7. We stumbled across this beach on a Saturday in November, about 4 couples naked and a couple of single guys. Very relaxed, no gawkers. Wife and I stripped for a quick bake and swim (had our 2 kids with us and rest of our towels and bags were at Baldwin Cove) so couldnt stay too long.
    Will go back and enjoy it longer.
    Also saw 3 massive sea turtles just off the rock wall.

  8. We stopped by this beach on September 28th, 2013 for a little over an hour before our flight home and enjoyed being nude on the beach and in the water. We saw both nude and clothed people there.

  9. Nashipa says:

    I’ve been here multiple times (jogging in the morning) and have yet to see nudity….maybe I’m missing something?

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