White Rock

A long, beautiful sandy crescent set back from the wind.

Rating: ★★★★½

In a nutshell: A long, beautiful sandy crescent set back from the wind.
Minuses: Development.
Sound-bite: “Is that Paul Blart?”

Palauea Beach, aka White Rock

Palauea Beach, aka White Rock

White Rock is also known as Palauea Beach.

This is a nice, wide, uncrowded and lesser-known beach. You won’t see very many tourists here – mostly populated by a few local folks and fishermen, on weekends family and friends join in on the fun. What’s left of the small kiawe forest is cut up into private lots which have been seeing high-end vacation home development over recent years. The neighborhood has hired a security guard who has the unenviable (and endless) job of telling the locals who have long used the trees along the margins for shade and relaxation, to move onto the public beach. There are a few public access trails strategically located, and parking along the undeveloped portions of Makena Road (so far) remains unrestricted.

Snorkeling is excellent around the rocky outcroppings at both ends of the beach, with the south end being a bit larger and slightly clearer. Boogie boarding is also decent during south swells and perfect for kiddies or beginners when seas are calm. The sandy bottom entry is sloped gently for swimming and playing. Note: During Kona storms or large swells the ocean here can become unsafe with rip currents.

Video: Ocean Kayak POV

Key Info:
Location: Middle of Makena Rd., park alongside the road. (see map below)
GPS Coordinates: 20.670472,-156.442974
Facilities: None.
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  1. Corky Gardner says:

    Still same deal, just left cuz couldn’t find the access path, sign points towards the mountain- I live here

  2. Mauinolaoi says:

    I remember growing up on this beach back in the day. In a tent, couldn’t even see the dirt road from the kiawe forest was so thick, no buildings all the way till kealani hotel. Called white rock because long ago there was a party on the beach and they painted an American flag on this giant block of stone. In later years around the time I was there the sun bleached it white giving the beach the nickname. Good times. The home across the street destroyed a rare tree when it was first starting the clearing.

  3. Roger — there is a public park with full beach access that has pretty kiawe trees on the south end of the beach so chill out bruddah you will be able to go sun yourself without having to call the Popo. Just be careful dive master bruddah cuz there be plenty o sharks near this beach. They chomped a German tourist lady to death last year and took a guys leg this year. Don’t go out after it rains!!

  4. Roger H Byers Jr. says:

    As people have started building on this beach there millions of dollars of homes six or seven in total and I do not see any beach access so are six or seven homeowners going to claim a private beach that is against the law this nonprofit organization the dlnr Noah and Maui PD and the fire department will see to it that there is going to be adequate beach access as there is no such thing as a private beach with no access in Hawaii if you have any questions or concerns you may contact myself Roger Hayes Byers Jr Master diver at 808250 0254 or you may reach me by email at waterdog420@gmail.com

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