Hamoa Beach

A beautiful crescent beach with a reliable surf break.

Rating: ★★★★★

In a nutshell: A beautiful crescent beach with a reliable surf break.
Minuses: Currents can be strong.
Sound-bite: “Am I sticking out too far in the road?”

Hamoa Beach

Hamoa Beach

This beach is often ranked up there with the famous beaches in the resort areas of Maui, and deservingly so. A postcard-perfect 100′ wide by 1000′ long crescent.

Hamoa Beach is surrounded by cliffs, with two points of public access – stairs leading down from the hotel shuttle dropoff and a small service road at the other end. (walk, don’t drive on this)

Hamoa Beach is also a popular surf break – in fact this break has been surfed by Hawaiians since ancient times. Boogie boarding and bodysurfing are also popular here. Snorkeling can be good around the left of the cove, however this beach is exposed to open ocean; be aware that powerful currents and surf can often be present – especially toward the ends of the beach.

This beach was sort-of taken over by Hotel Hana Maui in the 1930’s – in fact they are the ones that started calling it Hamoa (it used to be called Mokae.) They maintain the beach and landscaping, provide guests with shuttle service, beach chairs and accessories, and have additional facilities for guests. It used to be you would find primarily hotel guests and a few local residents here, but in recent years many other folks have found Hamoa.

Parking can be less than simple on nice days, as there is only on-street parallel parking, and the road is narrow.

Mokae Cove has another beach just to the south. If seas are calm, you can swim around the south point and you’ll probably be the only one there.

Key Info:
Location: Haneo’o Rd (Loop road; access @ Hana Hwy mm 50.1 & 49.1)
GPS Coordinates: 20.718954,-155.987449
Facilities: Showers, bathrooms, other facilities for Hotel Hana Maui guest use.
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  1. Mark H Freeman says:

    This a great spot to swim if in Hana with Lots of small colorful fish visible ; the beach chairs and umbrella belong to the Travaasa Resort Hotel Hana and are for the use of their guests. Their isn’t an ADA accessible parking nearby that I could see, but access is by a gently slopping stairway with wooden and metal railing handle . Good showers and paved walkway right down to the beach side. Excellent Beach and Food truck with a large selection of foods just up the road at the edge of Hana.

    Mark F San Diego, California

    • Mark says:

      Car break-ins can happen at any location. They are rare overall, but do happen. This location is not a hot-spot due to constant traffic.

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