Maui Cruisers

Need to stretch every last penny?

A ‘Maui Cruiser’ is an old hunk of junk held together by duct tape, bungee cords and rust.

These aren’t quite that bad – just cheap older cars & trucks.

Key Info:
Location: 1270 Piihana Road, Wailuku
Phone: 808-283-0688
Rating source:
Price: varies

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  1. Actually, at Maui Cruisers Car Rental Service: Yes we are a ‘cheap Maui car rental service’ but we have a fleet that goes way beyond ‘local cars‘ or ‘rent a wreck‘ companies. Our fleet is definitely not “old hunks of junk held together by duct tape, bungee cords and rust. *Please note that for many years we have provided Maui with a clean, reliable fleet at discount car rental prices. And as a result we are up to over sixty well maintained Toyotas, all in pristine condition with great air conditioning for cool reliable ‘no worries’ Maui Cruiser exploration. Check out our site and pictures and our huge collection of testimonials at our website and on Google and other search engines. You will see the difference.

    And call Paul at our correct phone # 808-283-0688

    Aloha !

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