Memorable Things To Do On Maui – (#31-40)

31. Learn to spearfish
Like to fish? Like to hunt with a crossbow? How about snorkeling and free-diving? If you like all these things then you’ll think spearfishing is off the hook. (Sorry!) With spearfishing you have a spear gun similar to a crossbow for taking down your prey. It takes some getting used to, as the spear travels at a slower speed under water than an arrow does on land.

A view of the docking area in Lahaina.

Pick a fishing boat.

32. Go fishing for the big ones
Surrounded by all this ocean there are plenty of options for sport fishing. Most boats depart from Ma’alaea & Lahaina harbors.
Sportfishing Charters

33. Atune your aura
Maui is known among the new-age community to be one of the strongest focal points for healing energy on the planet. This has brought many of the world’s best energy workers to settle here and offer their services. From training in Reiki to Chakra balancing, there is no shortage. Maui Vision Magazine is Maui’s periodical where many practitioners can be found.

34. Watch the whales
During the winter and spring months Maui is graced with countless humpback whales birthing and mating. Whales can be observed from many roadside lookouts, beaches, or up-close on a whale-watch boat.
(lists of best lookouts coming soon)
Whale Watch Charters

Ali'i Kula Lavender

Ali’i Kula Lavender

35. Tour and relax at a lavender farm
The ladies absolutely love this place – Ali’i Kula Lavender is framed as agro-tourism and a farm, but this is really about women pampering themselves. The place sells everything you could imagine with lavender and offers self-guided and guided tours.
Ali’i Kula Lavender Article

36. Enjoy a wellness adventure vacation
If you would like to enjoy adventure, wellness and surfing as the themes to your vacation and want every detail taken care for you, SwellWomen on the West Side of Maui offers all inclusive surf and yoga retreats. Don’t let the name fool you – aside from the women-only retreats, SwellWomen also offers co-ed weeks throughout the year.
SwellWomen website

Black Rock is great fun to jump from!

Black Rock

37. Jump from a sea cliff into the ocean
Black Rock on Ka’anapali Beach is the perfect place to get your adrenaline fix. Easy to climb, and crystal clear water with few hazards below. Bonus is you’ll likely be swimming with sea turtles in the water!

38. Camp on the beach, mountains and rainforest
There are many climate zones in Maui, and you can camp in most of them. Nothing brings you closer to the land than living on it. Campgrounds can be found in West Maui: Olowalu (private) and Papalaua Wayside Park (county/beach); Central Maui: Kanaha Beach; East Maui/Hana: Kipahulu (Seven Pools), Waianapanapa; Upcountry: Hosmer’s Grove, Haleakala Crater, Polipoli Springs.
(MG Kanaha Beach, Hosmer’s Grove, Polipoli & a general camping article are all currently in development – check back for updated links)

Yeah, this guy stuck the landing: 10.0!

You don’t need to be this good 😉

39. Go boogie boarding
There are more beaches to boogie board than you can shake a stick at. Skill levels range from “floating on a tiny wake till you’re beached” to overhead big-wave sponging with fins and fancy board. Depending on the time of year and the swell, the more experienced will need to seek out the best breaks, while the novices will be able to boogie board at most small shore break beaches.
Search “boogie board” for the most popular.

40. Explore sea life in tide pools
Tide pools are their own ecosystem, and kids & nature lovers will find endless enjoyment exploring them. You’ll encounter these at most beaches if you look, but if you really wanna get serious, search on “tide pools” to uncover our favorites.

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