Water Restoration Decision Delayed 90 Days

Aloha Kakou,

Please pass this on to others who can help.

I am sure you have read that a decision on the water issue has been differed for 90 days, this is great news, for HC&S has been using the political arena and the news media to keep things status quo. This deferred decision is what many of us hoped for, but we need more of the truth to come out.

I believe all of you know that I am opposed to HC&S closing and putting out of work more than just the 800 people, it will be closer to 10,000 people will be directly affected by such an action. In a perfect world Water would flow from all the streams to the Ocean and HC&S would survive as well as those who count on HC&S. I.E. Maui Electric, Agriculture ECT. I don’t anticipate all or any of you to agree with me about HC&S surviving, that’s not point here.

My belief is that the water needs to make it to the ocean for our reefs, for our stream life and to create more rainfall for the future. The Hawaiians knew this centuries ago, and we need it more than ever, and it goes without saying that Taro needs to be brought back in abundance, it is important on so many levels it would take me months to write it all up.

So why am I writing all of you, the water needs our help. HC&S is a major part of this problem and has shifted the blame to those who need, understand and have the right to that water. They are misdirecting their responsibilities by shifting the blame to others.

1. HC&S has failed to maintain the water ways to insure that water is not wasted, they have a responsibility to everyone on this Island to Maintain those ditches to be sure that the water is not wasted, we don’t know how much water is wasted but we know that it is wasted in these ditches, they have NEVER stated that have repaired or fixed any of the ditches in recent memory, they can’t blame the need for the water to be directed BACK to the streams without taking this responsibility. I realize that in a time when the money is not available is the worst time to spend it on repairs. Conversely, they should have been doing this for the last 20 years, not during a drought when everyone looses out, they need to begin.

2. The Dept of Land and Natural resources needs to seek out funds to stop this water leaks/waste. They are also responsible to insure that water is used properly and DNLR has never done their job. They also are very aware of what positive things will take place if the water runs to the ocean via all the natural streams, it is time for the politics to end and the community of Maui and the Hawaiians to demand that they get involved (DNLR) right away. They need to asses the problem and advocate the cure based on our need for water today and in the future. It is their job, their responsibility and our right to demand this now.

3. The state and every citizen of this community has the right to know where our water goes, HC&S has never stated how much water they need, use or will need for the future, this bothers me the most, for they have changed the way water is used over the past 100 years, they have become more efficient and the numbers of acres they have used for cane has diminished over the last 50 years. Something is very wrong, this has not been the first time we have had drought conditions, it occurs about every 10 to 15 years and last 2 to 5 years. We need to produce more water. BUT HC&S NEEDS TO SHOW HOW MUCH WATER THEY NEED AND USE TODAY.

With out answering the water need, we have no proof that they cannot allow all of the streams to flow to the ocean, they have not proved that they are responsible or good managers of the water. If they cannot be responsible or accountable they are following a path of closing and that is their problem not ours or the community, there are not acknowledging their responsibility.

What can you do? Go to Akaku.org, you can see the video list they have and select what day and time you may watch them. All of the issues are there, all the science is there and all the reasons water HAS TO GO THE OCEAN is on these videos, invite friends over to watch it. Write editorials to all Hawaii papers demanding HC&S show use and need, demand DLNR to do what they are supposed to do, investigate and come up with solutions. We need to get the correct information out to the public. Write to our councilmen and women, write the mayor. Please do this soon; we need to change the politics of this into truth.

WHO ARE WE; each is a single individual who has the power of numbers to have a positive outcome to the difficult problem. We need to show our numbers as a solid voice. We need to act and act now.


P.S. Had to write this in a rush, hopefully it makes sense to all of you.

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