Windsurfing Tour Returns to Maui

Just got this press release – what they didn’t say was that this was moved previously because the last administration suddenly closed down virtually every North Shore vacation rental and there was no where to stay.

Mayor Arakawa is meeting his promises to undo the damage inflicted by the previous administration. Now that we have home-based and small business being allowed to operate on the North Shore again, these things can get back to normal. Thanks Arakawa!

Windsurfing Tour Returns to Maui

WAILUKU, Maui, Hawaii – The County of Maui is pleased to announce the return of a major windsurfing competition to our island’s North Shore this year.

Starting in the fall Hookipa Park will host the Maui Makani Classic, the premiere event of the American Windsurfing Tour. The Classic is sponsored in part by the County through the Office of Economic Development and the Maui Visitor’s Bureau.

“We are very pleased to help bring these sorts of sports events back to Maui because they have tremendous economic impact on the surrounding areas,” said Mayor Alan Arakawa. “And we want to remind the world why Hookipa is considered the ‘Mecca’ of windsurfing. So I encourage people to come to Maui and to see the sport at its best.”

“These are the types of events that we feel will benefit Maui County,” said Brianne Savage, OED Sports and Entertainment Specialist. “They attract hundreds of competitors and fans from all over the world.”

The Maui Makani Classic will be held during the best three days of surf and wind conditions between October 27th to November 1st.. Competing in the event are former world champions Robby Naish, Josh Stone, Kai Lenny and Kevin Pritchard.

Tour officials say they expect up to 100 competitors, some of whom have already registered for the event. To help with parking and traffic the AWT is planning to run off-site parking areas and shuttle services.

“We want this to run as smoothly as possible,” said Sam Bittner, AWT Organizer. “We are very excited about coming back to Hookipa and thankful for all the help from Maui County.”

“We look forward to once again hosting a windsurfing event on Maui,” said Terryl Vencl, MVB Executive Director. “We know the windsurfers will be thrilled to be back.”

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