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It's no secret Maui has many powerful healers - but Helga Fiederer is certainly a Maui secret!

Helga working on Roxanne

Helga working on Roxanne

Rating: ★★★★★

Key Info:
Location: North Shore (Haiku), Central Maui (Wailuku) or outcall to your hotel or home
Phone: 808-250-6709
Price: $80 per session; no-fault, WC, Kaiser/HMSA (ASH) insurance accepted

It’s no secret Maui has many powerful healers – but Helga Fiederer is certainly a Maui secret!

I had work done by Helga that could be described as no less than miraculous. I had a nagging sports lower back injury that simply would not heal after many months, and visiting two different chiropractors and my primary care physician. Helga performed one zero balancing session and it was instantly fixed. Incredible.

I have since gone to Helga for another upper back issue I’ve had since childhood, that I gave up on fixing many years ago when surgery seemed the only option. Helga has been able to reduce the pain from this injury quite significantly after only four sessions. I truly feel I have a reasonable hope to heal it completely.

I told Helga I’d like to write about her in so that others could find out about her gifts.

Helga was trained as a Massage Therapist in Germany, got licensed in Hawaii in 2002 and then continued her education to include Lymph Drainage, Zero Balancing and CranioSacral Therapy.

Lymph Drainage can be used as a mode of detoxification, or to free up an overloaded lymph system, where swollen and/or painful lymph nodes are present. It is often combined with Swedish Massage and creates a distinct feeling of relaxation and joy.

Zero Balancing (what I had done) teaches that the deepest currents of energy in the body flow through the bones, that memories can be held in the various tissues and that energy fields in the body underlie mind, body and emotions. Persistent pain patterns from injuries and trauma can be resolved by integrating body energy and body structure. The result is deep relaxation, an increase in vitality and a sublime feeling of alignment.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) works with the central nervous system to promote healing from the inside out, sometimes creating dramatic improvements in a person’s life. Common conditions being addressed are migraines, headaches, TMJ problems, chronic neck and back pain, injuries, chronic exhaustion and PTSD. CST brings a feeling of deep healing, rejuvenation and happiness.

Helga is available for sessions in Haiku and Wailuku, she also does outcalls. She can be reached by email at, by phone: 808-250-6709 and on facebook: Touch of Stillness –Massage and Bodywork

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