Help Restore Ko`ie`ie Fishpond


Help Restore a Fishpond!

`Ao‘ao O Na Loko I‘a O Maui would like to invite you to help restore Ko`ie`ie Fishpond on the second and last Saturdays of every month from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. Volunteers will help dig up rocks and boulders that are submerged and buried in the ocean and will replace them on the fishpond’s wall. ‘Ao‘ao O Na Loko I‘a O Maui’s lead volunteers will be on-site to give background information about Ko‘ie‘ie Fishpond and the restoration project, will review safety procedures and will work side-by-side with participants. Mahalo to all of our volunteers who had participated in our past community work days. Together, we’re making a difference…one rock at a time!

See: Kalepolepo Beach Park article

For more information, contact Executive Director, Joylynn Paman at (808) 359-1172 or at Visit the “Restoration Status/Current Status” section of for more details about the event and what to bring.

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