Helele’ike’oha Falls (aka Blue Pool)

Access is closed to the public.

“Blue Pool” (the real name is Helele’ike’oha Falls), is the poster child of guidebooks hyping places to the braking point, and entitled tourists following the lead. Access to this location is a few miles down a rural, narrow, unpaved country road, where you must park on private property and then walk across private land to access the pool.

The first problems were caused from the last mile-plus of dirt and mud road not being wide enough for two-way travel – there seemed to be a constant traffic-jam of those out of their element suddenly being called upon to navigate a Dodge Neon around opposing traffic (and thus, off-road obstacles.) But the real straw that broke the camel’s back began when people started leaving trash, disrespecting the residents and the land, blocking driveways and trampling through private land and gardens giving nothing in return but attitude. Such a sad turn of events, because this truly spectacular place was once left graciously open for those who understood how to show respect.

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