Koki Beach Park

Scenic beach park with much cultural significance. Sand and ocean conditions vary greatly depending on season.

Koki Beach changes radically throughout the year. In the summer months, a wide sandy beach is deposited, and surf and currents often mellow out to allow safe water use. In the winter, much of the sand is taken away by the ocean, leaving a mix of sand, cinder and boulders to accompany dangerous ocean conditions.

Cultural significance surrounds Koki Beach on all sides. To the north is Ka Iwi o Pele (literally “the bones of Pele”), which is a large red cinder hill where Hawaiian Mythology tells the the bones of Pele were left after a fatal battle with her older sister. (In more recent times, this hill now belongs to Oprah, as part of a 105 acre parcel that she bought from Hana Ranch in 2002.)

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