Security & Certifications

WE'RE SERIOUS ABOUT SECURITY employs industry-leading measures to keep your payments secure – we don’t mind sharing the details, because we’ve taken extraordinary steps to secure our payment system.

Security Measures

Extended Validation SSL
Available to only the best and most trustworthy organizations, Extended Validation SSL certificates are what lights your address bar up green when you visits sites like, Google and banking websites. has obtained this same level of validation though ongoing strong business vetting process. Fact Sheet

$1.75 Million Fraudulent Charge Guarantee
We maintain the highest level of SSL certificate available. Our EV-SSL certificate automatically provides a $1.75 million policy to the relying party (you). This guarantees that you can be certain that you are doing business directly with us, the data is safely encrypted, and that our business has been vetted thoroughly. Relying Party Warranty

Automatic Destruction of Data
Encrypted card data is destroyed once your transactions have been completed. Additionally, your payment information is never stored on the public server, it is transmitted directly thorough’s secure non-Internet connected private network to a dedicated PCI DSS certified booking and payment server. This data is only retained (in strongly encrypted from) for the time it is needed to complete transactions.

PCI DSS Certification
We maintain PCI DSS certification which means we are regularly audited and upheld to the highest standards of bank security. Audits are conducted by Security Metrics on behalf of our Merchant Services provider, First Data, both are the highest trusted industry leaders in their field.

Vulnerability Scanning
As part of our ongoing PCI certification, Security Metrics scans our servers remotely for vulnerabilities and exploits. Additionally, our EV-SSL certificate provider also runs its own suite of intrusion attempts on our servers.
We use Amazon Linux on reserved instance servers built and hosted by Amazon, inside the datacenters and behind an Amazon firewall. By using Amazon’s own customized Linux operating system, we leverage Amazon’s security resources to keep the operating system up-to-the-minute secure. Security updates are pushed to our servers automatically as soon as they are available.


Recognition of Trusted Third Parties

We’ve had five-star ratings on TripAdvisor, HomeAway, VRBO & Airbnb since we’ve been in business.



Hawaii Travel Agency License

All transactions conform to Hawaii Revised Statutes §468L governing Travel Agencies and which set forth legal standards for consumer rights and proper handling of funds. Client Trust Accounts are held at: Bank of Hawaii, 35 Baldwin Ave., Paia, Maui, Hawaii 96779

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