Kama’ole Beach Park

Beautiful, long, 1.5 mile sandy beaches with incredible views.

Kama’ole Beach Park is a set of three popular stretches of beach smack in the middle of Kihei. Frequently called by their shortened nicknames (“Kam I”, “Kam II” and “Kam III”) they are all well marked, easy to find, and right on South Kihei Rd.

Besides being in the middle of the action, these beaches are very popular due to an unbeatable combination of accessibility, facilities, and just plain old really nice beaches!

Normally the ocean at these beaches is relatively safe for swimmers, although it should be noted that the ocean does drop to overhead levels relatively close to shore. Also during Kona storms and south swells, the surf can get big, rip currents form, and swimming can become dangerous. (see Ocean Conditions.)

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