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How to Pronounce Hawaiian Words in 15 Minutes

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To visitors, the unfamiliar letter combinations can be daunting, and the longer words can appear downright incomprehensible! But I have a secret for you – that is just the surface. If you can invest fifteen minutes to understand these basic rules, you’ll be confidently rattling off words like humuhumunukunukuāpua’a without a second thought.

The Hawaiian language in written form was created just two centuries ago with the aim of making it easy for Westerners to learn. Pronunciation rules have few exceptions, and the alphabet was developed to have only …

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Snorkeling Basics & Snorkeling Map

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Fish Like Reef!
The first thing you learn snorkeling is that fish like the reef. Good news: Maui is surrounded with reef! Some areas have more reef than others, but all an experienced snorkeler needs is spotting from the shore with polarized sunglasses and maybe a closeup peek through the ocean surface using Google satellite maps.

View West/South Maui Snorkel Map in a larger map

The maps that can be found at rental shops, guidebooks and the one above are really just meant for beginning snorkelers and newcomers …

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Weather & Maui Average Rainfall Map

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Forget what you know about the weather. Like many things – Maui is different!

Our weather is controlled by the two massive mountains that make up our island. Without our mountains, annual rainfall would be about equal to that of Arizona! But these weather-makers are here to stay, and they create stunning diversity – arid desert that sees as little as 10 inches a year lies within a few short miles of lush rainforest that can see among the highest recorded rainfall on earth!

It’s no wonder the forecasts

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Ocean Conditions

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In normal conditions, on beaches where there are lifeguards, the ocean is relatively safe to play. But conditions can change, and the surf can get big, rip currents form, and swimming can become dangerous at even what appear to be the tamest of beaches.

At beaches with lifeguards, look out for orange high-surf flags in the sand. If they are present, visit the lifeguard stand to read or talk to a lifeguard about the conditions.

Keep in mind that the county almost never closes beaches during dangerous conditions. Flags and …

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Place Names

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You may have noticed that several places in Maui have multiple names. But which to use? The Hawaiian name, old-time Western names, and newer made-up names are all commonly presented to visitors as fact. While it is much easier for Westerners to pronounce and remember a more familiar or more spectacular name, some place names commonly used in tourist literature are simply made up, and not the true names of these places.

Some of these names are blatant attempts at marketing or selling tourists something while others are new-age interpretations …

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Some Quick Facts

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1. Kahului (OGG) is the only airport virtually any visitor should consider flying into.

2. You definitely want a rental car.

3. Car break-ins are the number one crime in Maui.

4. People really are friendly here.

5. Maui is relatively small and drives are luxuriously scenic.

6. 4WD is rarely needed for visitors (even around the backside.)

7. GPS and online maps can be highly inaccurate.

8. You don’t actually need GPS.

9. Weather is spectacular everywhere.

10. It is cold at the top of the mountain.

11. Highs …

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Mele Kalikimaka!

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Maui’s own Willie K performing a spectacular version of O Holy Night.

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