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Pools of ‘Ohe’o (aka Seven Sacred Pools)

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Seven Sacred Pools aka Oheo Gulch

The Pools of 'Ohe'o

Rating: ★★★★★

In a nutshell: The Pools of ‘Ohe’o are the most popular attraction in East Maui. Beautiful waterfalls and pools in an absolutely stunning setting. Easy access and full NPS facilities.
Minuses: It gets very crowded as the day goes on. Access to pools is closed off frequently in wet weather.
Sound-bite: “Is that guy really going to jump from there?”

Tip: Call 808-572-4400 Option 2 on the day of your trip to find out if the pools are open.

Verdant and diverse, ‘Ohe’o Gulch …

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Should I Stay on Maui’s North Shore?

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Baby Beach (North Shore)

Baby Beach (North Shore)

Do any of these describe you?

– Usually active on vacation
– Plan on seeing it all
– Love hiking, waterfalls & adventure
– Prefer being closer to nature
– Seek authenticity in travel
– Plan lots of surfing/windsurf/kiteboard
– Escape touristy hustle and bustle
– Enjoy experiencing how people are living alternative/green/natural lifestyles
– Like to get away from it all – but still be close enough to drive back in

Maui’s North Shore is less developed, less crowded, has cooler days, and is …

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Wailua & Ke’anae Valley Hike

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Giant Fern

Giant Fern

Rating: ★★★★★

In a nutshell: A nice 30-minute hike can turn into a spectacular multi-hour moderately easy-going hiking adventure. Graded un-paved access road passes for miles through an undeveloped Eden of Maui rainforest and watershed.
Minuses: Access may require permission from EMI. On weekends you might encounter boar hunters and their pit bulls.
Sound-bite: “Yesterday I found the best hike on Maui that I’ve done.”

You can make this hike what you want of it. You can dip in a cool, fresh pool complete with dramatic waterfall in …

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Na’ili’ili Haele Stream & Waterfalls (aka “Bamboo Forest”)

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A Na'ili'ili haele waterfall

Na'ili'ili haele waterfall #3 (or #2, depending how wet it has been.)

Rating: ★★★★½

In a nutshell: Na’ili’ili Haele, for most, will be a nice short hike to two or three waterfalls and pools. The more able hikers will be rewarded with more significant sights.
Minuses: Access may be restricted by EMI. Can become dangerous to nearly impossible depending on conditions/how far you go.
Sound-bite: “Is that really a ladder?”

This is a great place for everyone from the novice to the extreme hiker, and everyone in between – you …

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Wailua Falls

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Wailua Falls on the Road to Hana

Click the photo for high resolution, it is worth the wait!

Rating: ★★★★☆

In a nutshell: Wailua Falls is a stunning side-of-the road ~80′ waterfall and plunge pool.
Minuses: Maui’s “most photographed waterfall” is usually crowded.
Sound-bite: “Did that car just say something!?!”

The stunning Wailua Falls are impossible to miss – right smack next to the road. Don’t worry about consulting the map when you’re close to here – the crowd likely standing on the bridge snapping photos will almost guarantee that you’ll turn your head!

Often called the …

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Ching’s Pond (aka Blue Sapphire Pools)

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No psychologist needed - jumping feet first here means this guy is at least partially sane.

No psychologist needed - jumping feet first here means this guy is at least partially sane.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

In a nutshell: Very photogenic spot to get photographed doing something life threatening. Ching’s pond is probably a skip for all but the pathological cliff-diver seeking an impressive photo.
Minuses: Doesn’t offer much more than a daredevil’s photo-op and drinking beer with folks that are not your buddies.
Sound-bite: “Oh yeah, you’ll be fine!”

Ching’s pond. What to say about Ching’s pond? Bluntly – while Ching’s is nice, it isn’t spectacular – …

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Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside

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Pua'a Ka'a State Wayside covered picnic tables.

Pua'a Ka'a State Wayside covered picnic tables.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

In a nutshell: A nice place to go to the bathroom.
Minuses: Waterfall and pool are small and crowded.
Sound-bite: “Just don’t look down!”

If you need a rest stop with bathrooms, this five acre state wayside is a good option. There are also covered picnic tables and a small waterfall with plunge pool.

The only part worth stopping for here are the bathrooms, but if you need to schedule a stop, once out of the car it can be a convenient …

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Helele’ike’oha Falls (aka Blue Pool)

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Blue Pool - Closed.

Blue Pool - Closed.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

In a nutshell: A beautiful pool and waterfall, but access is closed.
Minuses: Access is closed to the public.
Sound-bite: “But I came all the way from Wisconsin!”

“Blue Pool” (the real name is Helele’ike’oha Falls), is the poster child of guidebooks hyping places to the braking point, and entitled tourists following the lead. Access to this location is a few miles down a rural, narrow, unpaved country road, where you must park on private property and then walk across private land to access the …

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Posted on: February 23, 2013
Flood Notification 01 – FLOOD ADVISORY

The National Weather Service in Honolulu has issued a Flood Advisory for the Island of MAUI in effect until 9:45 p.m. This advisory may need to be extended beyond 9:45 p.m. if heavy rain persists.

EFFECTS: At 6:30 p.m. radar showed an area of moderate to heavy showers approaching the windward coast of Maui from Paia to Keanne to Hana to Kaupo. This area of showers was moving west at 20 mph.

Other locations in the advisory include but …

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