Upper Waikani Falls (aka Three Bears)

A sweet ~70' drive-up triple waterfall and plunge pool.

Rating: ★★★★½

In a nutshell: A sweet ~70′ drive-up triple waterfall and plunge pool.
Minuses: Parking & the first step is a doozy!
Sound-bite: “Hey, how did you get down there?”

Three Bears Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls aka Three Bears

A very popular set of falls because it is photogenic and situated like a drive-thru right on the road.

Most folks drive up and snap a photo and drive off – mainly because there are few places to stop and park. If you’d like more than a drive-by view, you should drive about 1/10 mile past the falls – there is a small parking area (though you will have to walk back along the narrow road with no shoulder.)

When these falls are at a safe flow rate (like in the photos) you can take a short hike down from the road and swim. There is a bit of a sketchy drop down to the trail from the bridge (left side mauka or makai the bridge, so pick your poison!) Judge your ability and condition of the landing spots when you’re there – you *definitely* don’t want to slip – though once you’re past those initial couple steps and have your footing the rest of the trail is far more forgiving.

Once down at the falls it is a gorgeous scene, and besides the envious gawkers up at the bridge who are wondering how the heck you got down there, you may have the pool all to yourself.

The water on these falls is often exceptionally clear. You can stand under the waterfalls for a great photo as it’s shallow with good footing at the edge. While it’s deep enough to swim in, there aren’t any places without rocks/hazards which make this poole unsafe for cliff jumping or diving.

Red torch ginger is abundant on the trail, and as of March 2012 the trail has been rearranged by a landslide, so you’ll be navigating around stray boulders, trees and clumps of mud.

Video: Down At The Falls

Key Info:
Mile Marker: #19.6 (Hana Hwy aka Hwy 360)
GPS Coordinates: 20.832342,-156.138918
Facilities: No facilities
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