Ok, here’s the deal, we live at the base of a massive 10,000′ mountain that collects an unfathomable amount of rain. It can be raining over hundreds of square miles upstream from where you’re playing, and this water can come down at a rapid pace. Idyllic streams flood quickly and unexpectedly – even when it’s sunny where you are.

Flash flood close to Bamboo Forest on 8/24/2015

Check for flash flood warnings before you go out. If stream flow is already swollen or brown, stay out. If you hear the water coming (it often sounds like strong wind – coming from upstream) get out and move to higher ground. Any time you play on our streams, take a couple seconds to notice which way to higher ground.

And if you get stranded on the wrong side of a stream, don’t risk trying to cross back, the water is often much more powerful than it may appear, and those who are swept away are rarely even found, let alone live like that super lucky guy in the video above.

Now go have fun with a little mana’o!
You can read more about the experience of the visitors in the video on their blog.