Maui's Best Vacation Rentals

Editorial Integrity
When we decided to turn our passion of writing about Maui into a real job, keeping the money completely clean from influencing our content was our top priority. That means no advertising, and no owners paying us money in any and all circumstances. Talk about outside the box – no one is doing that, so we had to figure out how to do it!

How We Do It
We’ve got it dialed in so it’s virtually transparent to you, but the deposit you pay when you secure your rental is our booking fee. That fee goes to us, but since it is fully credited to your rent, you pay nothing extra. In fact, with our Best Price Guarantee, you’re actually renting for the lowest price available anywhere!

We’ve Also Got Your Back
You’re also backed-up by a much stronger owner incentive than booking on your own – an owner’s relationship with us is very valuable, and it can’t be bought. Owners we work with are already great owners – and they also know they can trust us to be fair. When a guest notices something and lets us know, it’s usually handled well before it has a chance to grow into a situation that generates a significant complaint.

Guest comments, suggestions or complaints are taken quite seriously by us, and will always be handled to our satisfaction if an owner is to remain listed. This is a dynamic simply not found in other venues.

Three hard working Maui families thank you for supporting our dream! is a small local business of hard-working folks who are here make sure everything is perfect every single day of the year. We’re all living our dream being here on this beautiful island and we thank you so much for making our dream come true. Mahalo!
Booking with us has a lot of unbeatable advantages, you just found another one 🙂