Little Beach

Little Beach is where you go on Maui if you want to get nude with a bunch of other people on a beautiful beach.

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Rating: ★★★★½

In a nutshell: Little Beach is where you go on Maui if you want to get nude with a bunch of other people on a beautiful beach.
Minuses: It gets crowded and it is on a lot of visitor’s bucket lists.
Sound-bite: “oowwwww…I forgot to apply sunscreen…”

Makena Little Beach

Little Beach from the end of the trail (Sorry, can’t go further with the camera – you’ll have to see for yourself!)

The draw for most visitors here is nudity. While public nudity is technically illegal in Hawaii, it has been generally accepted that this is a nude beach, and the law is not enforced here.

There is also a drum-circle and fire dancing on Sunday afternoons into the evening.

There is also decent boogie-boarding and surfing from this beach.

Helicopter view of Makena State Park (Little & Big Beach):

Access to Little Beach is from Big Beach. Park at the first Big beach lot, and walk to the North (right) end of the beach. There is a trail over the rocky outcrop of an old lava flow.

Video: Ocean Kayak POV

Key Info:
Location: Walk from Big Beach Lot 1 on Makena Alanui Rd., (4 Mi S of Grand Wailea Resort)
GPS Coordinates: 20.634873,-156.451921
Facilities: (At Big Beach) Bathrooms, lifeguards, picnic tables.
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  1. Craig Fisher says:

    Had a great time at Little Beach on 6/18/2015. Lots of people enjoying the freedom of sans clothing. It is a wonderful place to get in contact with Mother Nature and beautiful people. I would advise anyone that wants to be uninhibited to go spend some relaxing time there.
    The one warning I will give you is there is a very limited amount of shade on or around the beach that you can sit or lay comfortably. My advice is to take an umbrella and a portable lounger in with you as well as a lot of cold beverages in with you if you plan on spending much time there.

  2. Rick James says:

    When considering the law about nudity, you must include court decisions. The court decisions reflect the actual enforceable law. The Hawaiian Supreme Court decided on a case in Oahu, Polo Beach, involving beach nudity. The Supreme Court ruled in the nudists favor. Simple nudity does not cause an “affront” to someone else and especially if they are also a nudist. The Supreme Court decision affects all Hawaiian Islands. So, technically under the prescribed Court decision, nudity is legal. If interested, you can find out more about the case by doing an Internet search.

  3. There were plenty of people there today in the nude. No cops. No issues. We were shocked at first, but later learned from the hotel that it’s the norm.

  4. Cory Bosse says:

    Just thought I’d give you a little update about Little Beach, since I got the information of it from your page. I went there tonight and when I came out there was a cop keeping out angry native Hawaiians who wanted to come in and cause problems due to the fact that it was apparently an ancient sacred burial ground which has since been desecrated. I’m not sure how things will go down, but it may be worth mentioning that Little Beach could be an unsafe place to be in the coming months.

    Hope that is helpful! Thank you!

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