South Maui

Average low/high in winter: 65°/83°F
Average low/high in summer: 68°/85°F
Ocean temperature in winter: 75°F
Ocean temperature in summer: 80°F

In South Maui big surf has a season, and it’s summer! The ocean is a bit warmer in the summer too – but if you’re coming from a place with cold winters and hot summers, you might swear it’s warmer here in the winter and cooler in the summer!

Our temperatures can be deceiving year-round, because not only are our winds refreshingly steady, but they also typically pick up as the day gets warmer.

Our biggest seasonal variation is precipitation, with winter being significantly wetter (though it’s still desert dry in South Maui!)

Note: Yeah, we know the chart shows Lahaina… For all practical purposes this is a very accurate representation of South Maui as well. (We’re working on finding a reliable fancy chart for Kihei – if you see different data from the big guys, note that most online sources actually display Kahului airport data which is a less accurate representation.)